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Destruction Machine
Destruction machine Coin destruction

Columbia Machine began manufacturing the destruction machine in 1994. The first use of the machine was to destroy casino tokens in the United States. The machines design has proven itself with years of service.

The destruction machine is a slitter type machine. The coins are fed into a spin type bowl feeder, travel down a track and are cut into pieces. After the coins are cut into pieces they exit the machine, and fall into a barrel. The Destruction Machine is compact and free standing. This machine can destroy round or lobed coins made from plastic, bi-metal, tri-metal, aluminum, steel, brass, and nickel alloys.

With a tooling change the destruction machine can also "waffle" (; thisalso known as "mint cancelled") the with different cutter blades.

Machine Description:

  • Size Range
    • .600" - 1.600" Dia (.15mm - 40mm)
    • .040" - .130" Thickness (1mm - 3.3mm)
  • Speed
    • Up to 120,000 units per hour. 3600 lbs / hr (1632 kg / hr)
    • Can fill up to two 55 gallon drums in 1 hour.
  • Main Motor
    • 7.5 HP (5.6kW
    • The main motor is a variable speed 7.5 HP motor.
  • Main Motor Gear Box
    • Sized for up to 9.13 HP (638 kW)
  • Bowl Feeder Size
    • 14" (355mm) Feeder with size dependent exit tracks
    • Simple and easy to change the size, just 4 screws.
    • The feeder has a sensor hole for optional counting feature.
    • There is a blank guide and finger that fits into the bowl.
  • Bowl Feeder Motor
    • .75 HP (.56kW)
    • The bowl feeder motor is variable speed.
  • Bowl Feeder Gear Box
    • Sized for 2 HP (1.5kW)
    • Gear box is a worm type.
  • Weight
    • 1500 Lbs (68kg)
  • Foot Print
    • 42" x 42" (1.06M x 1.06M)
  • Cutter Head
    • The cutter head uses to parallel shafts of heat-treated alloy steel.
    • Cutters are notched to promote better feeding of the coins
    • Head designed for 12.5 HP
    • Bearings have seals on both sides and are lubricated for life.
    • Blank entrance track is firmly mounted to the cutter head with adjustable guide to center blank.
    • Cutters are easily flipped or changed when dull.
  • Cutter Head gear box
    • Gearbox is a helical type that can handle up to 9.13 HP.
    • Shaft mounted
  • Electrical System
    • The standard voltage is 230 VAC 3 phase.
    • Other voltages avaliable upon request.
  • Noise Emissions
    • The machine has airborne noise in excess of 85 dBA at the operator posion (1 meter) from machine.


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